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Artist: miss A
Song: "Good-bye Baby"


Good Bye Baby | miss A

927,000 copies sold in its first week. Deservedly so. 


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thedementress replied to your post“thedementress replied to your post“hey losers how’s it going” oh hey…”
I’ve been doing pretty fantastic actually… I found happiness working in a bookstore. :D And what’s your job now??

Oh wow, that sounds so cool! I’m very happy for you :D

It’s in a department store, but everyone’s really friendly so it’s pretty great <:

thedementress replied to your post“hey losers how’s it going”
oh hey you’re back!! :D
I am! :D
How’ve you been?

hey losers how’s it going

reasons i am not currently on tumblr:

i started three a levels and i am working on those

i am applying for jobs

i am halfway through season five of lost and i am feeling it so fucking hard and if i get spoilers before i finish this series i will cut a bitch okay

Cory Monteith’s last interview [x]

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